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Our team at Greater Columbus Furnace & Air Conditioning is proud to serve the homeowners of Canal Winchester, among neighboring Columbus communities, with the absolute highest level of customer service possible at the most competitive and affordable prices in the market.

Yet it doesn’t end there! We offer every kind of HVAC service imaginable, from A to Z, all of which come at competitive, affordable, prices our competitors find hard to beat. And we are happy to extend these services to all the residents of Canal WinchesterOH. Check out our special online deals and financing options.

If you’re looking for expert-level Heating, Cooling & Indoor Air Quality products, and services in Canal Winchester, OH from a trusted professional, look no further than your friends at Greater Columbus Furnace & Air Conditioning! From A/C repair to furnace maintenance to heating pump installation, humidifier installation, diagnostic service calls – we’ve got you covered. Give us a call or schedule online now to schedule HVAC services in Canal Winchester!

Above all else, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Getting to Know Canal Winchester, OH

Located between both Franklin and Fairfield counties here in Ohio, the City of Canal Winchester has a population of about 7,101 people.

Canal Winchester was founded in 1828 by Reuben Dove and John Colman, when the construction of the Ohio & Erie Canal went through Dove’s wheat field. Dove was reported to have wanted to sue the state at the time because of the encroachment. However, a canal worker convinced him instead that he would benefit more from laying out a town in the area, because of its location halfway between Columbus and Lancaster. Later that year, the two men measured and recorded the first plot for Winchester, naming the village after his dad’s hometown in Winchester, Va. Because of the local agriculture and easy access to transportation, the town quickly flourished. With the Ohio and Erie Canal bringing passengers and freight while providing a means to transport the local grain to market, the first canal boat floated through Winchester in 1831.

In 1841, the village changed its name to Canal Winchester with the establishment of its first post office. At the time, there were five other locations in the state claiming the name Winchester. A popular local legend depicts the story of how Canal Winchester got its post office. On Halloween, Oct. 31, in 1841, two local boys playing a prank hooked up their horses to the foundation of the post office of the nearby town of Waterloo. The boys used their horses to reportedly pull the small building across the street to Winchester, bringing an end to the town of Waterloo and establishing Winchester was a legitimate village that has steadily grown ever since. The people of Canal Winchester every year host a Labor Day Festival during the first weekend of September, as well as a Christmas In The Village festival known for its food, choirs, and horse-drawn buggy rides.

Choose Us for HVAC Services in Canal Winchester, OH!

Our trucks stay fully stocked, outfitted with all sorts of cutting-edge, high quality, HVAC equipment, parts, and tools. This includes a wide range of furnace filters, HEPA filters, A/C filters, and all sorts of other parts. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology in thermostats, including smart thermostats and programmable thermostats, which cost less than you’d think and yet pay for themselves quickly with the added convenience and energy savings. We also fix AC fans and AC compressors, in addition to recharging AC refrigerant levels when necessary. This, we should mention, should only be performed by a professional as air conditioning refrigerant is hazardous. We also service electric furnaces, gas furnaces, heat pumps, and every other type of heater.

Finally, if you’re looking to improve your home’s Indoor Air Quality, we also offer a whole line of products that include humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers, UV lights, and special air filters. This is in addition to the air duct cleaning service we provide, for those residents who suspect their ductwork might need a professional hand.

So if you’re googling “Why is my furnace not working?” or “who’s the best HVAC contractor in Columbus, OH” or any other question related to anything HVAC, we have the answers and we would be happy to send a friendly technician over to get your system back to its best.

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