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Ohio’s temperatures tend to go between two extremes. It gets cold during the wintertime, when having heat is essential. During the summer, it’s so hot and humid that homeowners come to rely on their air conditioning systems. Generally, home comfort systems do the trick year-round in most homes even when they’re older. Nevertheless, the time comes when every homeowner has some sort of a furnace need or air conditioning need the requires the help of a heating or cooling professional,

When that time comes, it’s good to know there are HVAC experts standing by in your area, friendly home comfort heroes who care about your air and take your home comfort to heart.

With all the heating and cooling contractors throughout the Greater Columbus Ohio area, finding a qualified heating or cooling contractor you can trust to deliver superior quality products and services at the most competitive prices can seem overwhelming. Homeowners work hard and just want to be able to come home and be comfortable without all the hassle and high prices.

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Heating Repair

HVAC Services You Can Trust in Columbus, Ohio

So how do you know who to turn to with heating or cooling needs and who do you trust? Because furnaces and air conditioning systems are expensive and require skill and experience to work on, homeowners are wise to turn to their local HVAC experts when home heating and cooling needs arise. Homeowners are also wise to do their homework, checking for NATE-certification, insurance and references.  

Our long list of HVAC products and services include everything related to an HVAC system, plus Indoor Air Quality products and services, including AC repair, AC installation, 24-hour emergency heating and cooling repairs, furnace repair, furnace installation, heater repair, heat pump repair and heat pump installation, preventative maintenance, seasonal maintenance, furnace tune-ups, A/C tune-ups, furnace safety checks, low cost furnace diagnostics and ac diagnostics, air purifiers, air cleaners,  and home air quality.  

Our Philosophy

As a part of the Five Star Home Services family of local HVAC, plumbing and electrical companies — our philosophy here at Greater Columbus Furnace & Air Conditioning is to put the customer first and make sure each and every job we do is worthy of a Five Star Google Review. This means from the moment we are contacted by a homeowner needing help, we provide the highest quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services in the market. And it doesn’t stop there, because we truly care about the quality of the air you’re breathing, we extend our line of products and services to make sure you have everything you need to keep your Indoor Air Quality top-notch and healthy for everyone in your home. We know you are putting your trust in us and we want you to know you’re in good hands from start to finish.

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Buy Today, Pay Over Time with HVAC Financing

Are you trying to replace a furnace, A/C unit, or residential HVAC system and need help with home comfort system finance options or credit options to cover the cost of installation, HVAC replacement or repairs? See our amazing HVAC finance programs and credit options we have available below! We’ve partnered up with several financial institutions to help our customers keep their homes comfortable year-round.

With our credit options, you can enjoy optimal comfort in your home now by making affordable monthly payments, regular installments, until the equipment is paid off over time. By utilizing a multitude of lenders and financial institutions, our HVAC finance options here are second to none.

Heating Repair

Furnace Warranty Info 

Does my furnace have a warranty?

To determine whether your furnace has a warranty still in effect, you need to start by locating the brand and serial number on the unit. Furnaces usually have their model and serial number in an easy, accessible place — like the inside top section of the furnace. The information is usually on the sidewall on a sticker or plate. If your furnace is a down flow unit, the information might be located in the lower compartment instead of the top part. 


Locating Warranty Info

Furnaces have their own warranty completely different from a heat pump, A/C unit, or other HVAC equipment. If you look at your owner’s manual, you should be able to check into the details about your heating equipment’s warranty coverage. If you don’t have the manual, however, there is still a way to get the information you need about your coverage. Using the model and serial number of your system, you can look up the information online. This should help you locate the warranty coverage and terms but won’t tell you if the warranty is still valid, unless you know when it was installed. If the system came with the purchase of your home, you can check for the details on when the furnace was installed in your paperwork from the purchase of your home. If you don’t have anything telling you when the purchase date was, you should call your local HVAC company to have them verify your unit’s warranty terms and coverage. 

Warranty Transfers

Anytime someone purchases a new home, the home’s furnace warranty should be transferred from the old owners to the new owners. Transferring the warranty does cost when a home is sold. Unfortunately, most people are unaware this should be done, and so some warranties aren’t transferred when the new owners take possession of the home. 

If you recently bought a home or if you’re in the process of buying one, it’s wise to double check that the warranty for your furnace and any other HVAC equipment is properly transferred. Doing so protects you in the future in case a part becomes defective and repairs are necessary. 


Why Trust Greater Columbus Furnace & Air with Your Repairs?

Choosing an HVAC company that’s established, reputable and qualified and yet doesn’t charge an arm and a leg — one with fully insured technicians who are all NATE-certified — is something that pays off in dividends in the long run. If you do a little homework, a little digging online, you’ll realize not all HVAC companies are created equal. Some do second-rate work, or shoddy craftsmanship, which we’ve sadly seen far too many times as we’ve had to help homeowners who’ve fallen prey to contractors chasing the bottom line and nothing else in mind.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: When something goes wrong local homeowners take great comfort in the fact that there is an HVAC company here in Central Ohio that cares, a family-owned company that offers area homeowners superior quality of craftsmanship and customer care at cutting-edge prices.
  • Customer Focused Hours: If you find yourself in a pinch without service, we provide emergency services 24-hours a day year-round, including weekends and holidays.
  • Certified & Trustworthy Technicians: No matter what kind of situations life has handed you in regards to your home comfort and air system, our NATE-certified technicians are standing by and equipped to fix anything that might arise on any HVAC system, anytime.
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